Organizations’ Plans for Archive Migration

In late May 2014, Osterman Research conducted an in-depth survey of 164 organizations and their archiving system migration plans. We surveyed primarily mid-sized and large organizations across a wide range of industries. Key findings from the research include the following:

  • The typical archiving solution has been in place four years and eight months (median is 36 months).
  • There is not a high level of satisfaction with current archiving solutions. For example, only 60% of organizations are “pleased” or “extremely pleased” with the current archiving solutions’ ability to place legal holds on content, only 52% are this pleased with the speed of the solution’s search performance, and only 44% are this pleased with the ability to delete content when necessary.
  • Moreover, we found significant differences in the level of satisfaction with archiving solutions based on their age. For example, organizations with archiving systems that are more than three years old are nearly twice as likely “not to be pleased at all” with their ability to place legal holds on content (14.5% for older systems vs. 7.6% for more recent systems), the ability to establish different retention policies (16.7% vs. 11.0%), and the scalability of the system (15.2% vs. 11.2%).
  • We also discovered a significant difference in the penetration of cloud-based archiving based on the age of the system: organizations with an archiving solution no more than three years old have placed 33.4% of their archived content in the cloud compared to only 13.2% for older solutions.
  • Finally, we found that 7.6% of the organizations will “definitely” replace their archiving solution over the next 18 months while another 27.2% will “probably” do so, as shown in Figure 1. Not surprisingly, organizations with older archiving solutions in place are much more likely to definitely or probably replace their archiving solutions during the next 18 months (39.8% vs. 30.1%).

We published a white paper that goes in-depth on archiving migration that you can download here.

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